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Photo of Denice Wardrop

Denice Heller Wardrop

302 Walker Building
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802
Telehone: 814.863.1005
FAX: 814.863.7943


education and licenses:

  • Pennsylvania State University - Ph.D. Ecology
  • University of Virginia - M.S. Wildlife Environmental Sciences
  • University of Virginia - B.S. Systems Engineering
  • Licensed Professional Engineer, Commonwealths of Pennsylvania and Virginia

professional employment:

  • 2005–Present: Senior Reseach Associate, Penn State University
  • 2003–Present: Associate Director, Riparia (formerly the Cooperative Wetlands Center), Penn State University
  • 2000–2003: Assistant Director, Cooperative Wetlands Center
  • 1997–2005: Research Associate, Penn State University
  • 1993–1997: Research Assistant, Penn State University
  • 1991–1993: Risk Assessment Specialist, Environmental Standards Inc. Valley Forge, PA
  • 1988–1991: Project Manager, Nittany Geosciences, State College, PA
  • 1985–1988: Senior Project Manager, Environmental Resources Management, Inc., Exton, PA
  • 1982–1984: Research/Teaching Assistant, University of Virginia
  • 1979–1980: Systems Engineer, Satellite Business Systems, McLean, Virginia

selected service

  • Associate Director, Penn State Cooperative Wetlands Center
  • Pennsylvania Governor’s Representative, Chesapeake Bay Program Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee
  • Director, Mid-Atlantic Regional Wetland Working Group, USEPA/Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
  • Member, National Biological Assessment of Wetlands Working Group, US EPA Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds
  • Member, National Tiered Aquatic Life Use Working Group, US EPA Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds
  • Chair and/or Geography Representative, Fixed Term and Research Faculty Advisory Committee, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
  • Appointed Member, Commission for Women, 2003-2006

selected teaching:

  • ECOL 597, Advances in Ecology (Fall 2004, 2005, 2006)
  • GEOG 497, 21st Century Environmental Challenges: Movies That Matter (Fall 2005, 2006)
  • GEOG 497, Environmental Issues Across the Americas: Field Experience in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest (Spring 2006, 2007)
  • MKT 435, Marketing and Society (Spring 2006)
  • WFS 550, Wetland Ecology and Management (Spring 1999, 2001, 2003)

selected publications:

Wardrop, D. H., M. E. Kentula, D. L. Stevens, S. F. Jensen, and R. P. Brooks. 2007. Assessment of Wetland Condition: An Example form the Upper Juniata Watershed in Pennsylvania, USA. Wetlands 27: 416-431.

Wardrop, D. H., M. E. Kentula, S. F. Jensen, D. L. Stevens, K. C. Hychka, and R. P. Brooks. 2007. Assessment of Wetlands in the Upper Juniata Watershed in Pennsylvania, USA, Using the Hydrogeomorphic Approach. Wetlands 27: 432-445.

Wardrop, D. H., C. Herschner, K. Havens, K. Thornton, and D. Bilkovic. 2007. Developing and Communicating a Taxonomy of Ecological Indicators: A Case Study from the Mid-Atlantic. Ecohealth 4:179-186.

Miller, S. J., D. H. Wardrop, W. M. Mahaney, and R. P. Brooks. 2006. A plant-based index of biological integrity (IBI) for headwater wetlands in central Pennsylvania. Ecological Indicators 6:290-312.

Wardrop, D. H., J. A. Bishop, M. Easterling, K. Hychka, W. L. Myers, G. P. Patil, and C. Taille. 2005. Use of landscape and land use parameters for classification and characterization of watersheds in the Mid-Atlantic across five physiographic provinces. Environmental and Ecological Statistics 12:209-223.

Patil, G. P., J. Bishop, W. L. Myers, C. Taillie, R. Vraney, and D. H. Wardrop. 2004. Detection and delineation of critical areas using echelons and spatial scan statistics with synoptic cellular data. Environmental and Ecological Statistics: Special Issue on Multiscale Advanced Raster Map Analysis.

Brooks, R. P., D. H. Wardrop, and J. A. Bishop. 2004. Assessing wetland condition on a watershed basis in the mid-Atlantic region using synoptic land cover maps. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Vol 94(1):9-22.

Niemi, G., D. H. Wardrop, R. P. Brooks, S. Anderson, V. Brady, H. Paerl, C. Rakocinski, M. Brouwer, B. Levinson, M. McDonald. 2004. Rationale for a new generation of ecological indicators for coastal waters. Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol 112, No. 9, pp. 979-986.

Mahaney, W. M., D. H. Wardrop, and R. P. Brooks. 2004. Impacts of stressors on the emergence and growth of wetland plant species in Pennsylvania, USA. Wetlands, Vol 24 No. 3, pp. 538-549.

Cole , C. A., R. P. Brooks, and D. H. Wardrop. 1998. Wetland hydrology and water quality as a function of hydrogeomorphic subclass. Wetlands 17(4):456-467.

Methods for Evaluating Wetland Condition: Module #10, Using Vegetation to Assess Environmental Conditions in Wetlands. EPA 822-R-01-007j. December 2001. Major Contributors: S. Fennessey, M. Gernes, J. Mack, and D. H. Wardrop.

Wardrop, D.H., and R.P. Brooks. 1998. The Occurrence and impact of sedimentation in central Pennsylvania wetlands. Environmental Monitoring and Restoration 51(1-2), 119-130.